We took a boat from Peru, across Lake Titicaca to get to Bolivia


If I have my pictures right, the above is Iglesia de San Francisco (construction began in 1549) with its arresting blend of mestizo and Spanish styles. Behind the church is the Witches' Market where you can buy a bizarre assortment of goods including amulets, potions, delicately crafted silver jewelery, sweets and dried llama fetuses.

Around La Paz is the aptly named Valle de la Luna, which is an eroded hillside maze of miniature canyons and pinnacles 11km (7mi) east of the city.


This is the historical ceremonial center of Tiahuanaco, 70km (43mi) west of the city, which is Bolivia's most important archaeological site

It is unkown as how these huge stones were quarried and moved to this site.

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Women wear the traditional bowler hat.


Above, one of the few disability related signs I saw in Bolivia.


Some great folk I met while in Bolivia