Bonaire II
June, 2000

Do you know the way to Litgezonderd Vulnstruck? If so, you may have been to Bonaire. I went to Bonaire to do some scuba diving. Bonaire is an island located just off the coast of Venezuela, in the Netherland Antilles. The first time I went to Bonaire was a few years back and then it was just diving. This time I had a look around the island.


This is our taxi driver, Farid, AKA Dr. Dolittle, and his wife Susy. He showed us how he fed birds and lizards out of his hand. He even fed a mango to a donkey. He caught an iguana so we could take a closer look at it. In the picture below, you can see how Farid tied me in the front seat so I wouldn't fall out while we did some rough off road riding.



These 2 pictures were taken at ZeeZicht restaurant. Fahid and Laurence carried me up to the second floor to see all the Nautical artifacts in the bar. Fahid told us the owner found some gold coins while trying to spear lobster off the north end of the island. He has also found ship's bells and other maritime artifacts. Some of the coins were imbedded in the bar. Fahid lifted me up on the bar to see the coins. Notice the giant conch shells, hanging from the ceiling - they were made into lights.




These are some of the Babes of Bonaire
Some people wonder why I scuba dive. Daaaaaaah!

From left to right, we have Colleen, me, Laura, and Shannon.


Here are my dive buddies, Patsy on the left, Mindy on the right.


Even more Babes! Vicki on the left; Tamie on the right.


Everyone in Bonaire is familiar with this dock. That's Laurence getting ready to push me off.


Here we are at some airport, somewhere long forgotten.


Laurence never missed an opportunity to use me as a luggage cart.