Cayman Brac 2

On the Island

June 2003

We enjoyed Cayman Brac so much the first time that we had to come back.

This hammock wasn't stress free enough so I tried another.

Ahh! I love island life. Another day stuck in paradise.


Our room had a great view.


Shannon is painting a dive flag on my thumbnail.


Could it get any better?


Karaoke night was a big success.



This is my buddy Max, the manager of Divi Tiara at Cayman Brac, and his dog Sharka. He is very well trained. So is his dog. Max has made this Divi Tiara a world class resort. The diving is great, service and wheelchair access is also super.

This is Cliff making a Lobster omelet for me. We had lobster for dinner the night before and I suspected there were some leftovers so I asked Cliff to make a lobster omelet.

Cliff is perhaps the best chef in all the Caribbean.

What's going on here?

Why won't they leave me alone?


That's Antonio Banderas on the left, then Shannon, Joe and Coach.

Davin expresses his opinion.


What a motley crew


Enough of this island stuff; Sonya and I are ready for some diving.

Sonya is the one on the right.

Now Let's go diving.

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