Cayman Brac

I'm sitting on the transom, ready to take the big plunge.


The picture above, of my friend Chris, was taken in an area designated as Elkhorn Forest. There were many tunnels and swim-throughs in this area.


One of the best known sites in Cayman Brac is the 300 foot wreck of a Russian Destroyer (below). It was brought to Cayman Brac and scuttled in September of 1996. I am easy to identify in the photos below - I'm the only one without fins. I also tend to hold my arms close to my chest.


The picture below shows me and my dive buddies near the bow of the destroyer. The deck of the destroyer is about 50 feet below the surface.

The picture below is the only one, taken inside the wreck, because of the, otherwise, insuffient light. That is Max the divemaster, beside me. I had to haul his sorry butt all through the wreck.


Hey, where did my dive buddies go? Fine, I'll just dive by myself.


Hey look, I can walk.


That's me, Karl, and Davin looking for mermaids.


Here I am showing other divers how to solo.

Those are Max's hands an my ankles. I had to haul his sorry butt
through these rock formations.