Senya Beraku Castle

Senya Beraku was the last fort built by the Dutch. Fort Good Hope was erected in 1702 and extended in 1715. It is four sided and lies on a promontory overlooking a cove with a good landing beach.

Above, Bill and I check out the view enjoyed by the Dutch 300 years ago.



When the Dutch built this fort, they forgot to put in elevators. Here, I am being carried down some steps.

Some forts, built 100 years earlier than this one, had ramps up to their highest levels. This facilitated the movement of canons, gun powder, barrels of almost anything, etc. That made it easier for Bill and I to tour those forts.

Here we are at yet another fort.


This is the same fort as above. It played a key role in the slave industry.

Here's Drew pulling Bill up a hill near Biriwa Beach. This is obviously a rookie maneuver. To move, either up or down, this hill, one should do it facing away from the hill.

My friends abandoned me here on the beach. The night previous, we stayed at the famous Biriwa Beach Hotel. The hotel is run by a German couple. They had a monopoly game, written in German. I know some German but was rather economical with the truth when I interpreted the cards. Some may even say I lied with the interpretations to turn the game to my advantage.