Stilted Village

The picture above, was taken through the windshield of a borrowed Land Rover. You can see the grass was just a few inches higher than the hood. Moments after this picture was taken, we hit a tree stump, hidden by the grass.

We're in the same area, near Beyin, on our journey to the Stilted Village.


After traveling as far as possible by Land Rover, we got into dug-out canoes, led by guides. We traveled through a swamp like area that was once home to crocodiles.

The waterway eventually opened up into a lake. Here, you can see the object of our quest, the Stilted Village. The village was built in the middle of a lake, as part of its defense against other tribes.

The villagers were curios about us. When we first reached the village, our guide told the villagers that my friend Bill and I were paralyzed and needed help getting out of our canoes. They rushed to our aid. At one point, I was afraid they would swamp the canoes.


I bet these kids don't skateboard.