I think my friend Bill and I are two of the very few people in wheelchairs that sailed on a Chinese Junk in Africa. This ship has an interesting story. Its builder had a dream, or perhaps a vision. As in the "Field of Dreams" movie, this man became obsessed with building something. In this case, it was a ship rather than a baseball field. He had never built a boat before, but was driven by some invisible force to build this one.


That's me, in the hat and blue shirt, in the stern.


From left to right, we have Bruce, Bill, Ellen and Jacque.
This was taken on the Volta River.


I got a bit warm and had to be watered down.


That's Bill on the left, Bruce at the tiller, and Ellen with the kids.


That's me being lifted up to the deck from the rowboat. If you look at the picture on top,
you can see that it is quite a lift, particularly from an unstable rowboat.


This is the galley.