Roatan, Honduras

June 2001

at Bay Island Beach Resort

One evening we re-enacted some Honduran history. In the year 1502, Columbus (played by Davin Cordel) made his 4th trip to the East Indies. The story of what happened afterward was brought out through a story about the wedding of Glenn and Maria (played by Chad and Sonnia) ­ two Hondurans that lived on the island 400 years ago. The story told of how the British and Spanish struggled for control of Honduras and how the Spanish tried to enslave Hondurans to mine their silver and gold. The Spanish even brought slaves from Africa. With the constant battling, Roatan became devoid of any human population by 1650. The French and Dutch also visited Honduras. The pirate John Coxen, (played by Chris Shupack), first joined forces with the French, attacking Spanish towns. Later he settled in Roatan. Above, left to right, we have Chris Shupac, Chad, Sonia, Davin, and Tammie. The wedding was followed by an all-you-can-eat lobster dinner,

This parrot wandered around the resort.

This is how Sherrie applied chapstick to me.


some more buddies...

Tammy won't leave me alone. Who can blame her though, she's only human.


I should have won the limbo title but nooooooooo.
They picked some local guy, Tex

My dive buddies, Patsy and Jack. Chad, another dive buddy, is pictured way up above.

We rented a 40 foot catamaran to sail around the Bay Islands. Though I've sailed on a Chinese Junk in Africa, a tall-ship in Australia and a 60 foot wheelchair accessible trimaran in the UK, this was the most exciting. As usual, it was difficult getting aboard.



Cap'n Davin handled this craft like a true sailor and narrowly averted a mutiny staged by Shupack....arrhhhh

We had a number of swells that sprayed us with water and nearly dumped a couple of us out of our chairs.

A view from the bow


What a scurvey crew


We also took time to play with the Dolphins on Anthony's Key.


This is what happened to my mask when it fell from the boat seat.


All my dive friends...I don't know where Curly was when this picture was taken.