Royal Chitwan National Park

The Terai is an area of hot subtropical plains and some of the most fascinating attractions in Nepal. Foremost among them is the magnificent Royal Chitwan National Park, once the hunting ground for British and Nepalese aristocrats. We crossed a river to get to Chitwan. Normally, there are a lot of crocodiles in this river but at this time of the year, it was so hot that the crocodiles were in a cooler area.

Today, the animals - elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, leopard and deer - are protected, not shot. We were fortunate enough to scout for wildlife on the back of an elephant. We also examined the jungle by canoe and went jungle walking with experienced guides.

As Pam pushed me towards the elephants, they started to back away. They were a little shy of someone in a wheelchair.

Our guide, Tsering, watched over Devin everywhere we went. Tsering spends most of his time in the mountains ­ there, he is fearless. The jungle was a different story. Once, on a trail in the jungle, a rhino had Tsering running up a tree.

After working all day, the elephants are given a bath. Campers are invited to help. Devin, the little guy in the picture above, knew how to instruct the elephants to spray water. He gave the command several times while on the back of one of these portly pachyderms.