That's Don next to me, in front of our hotel.


This is Herman, explaining the historical significance of this alley.


Herman is a retired, Peruvian history teacher. When Herman heard we had altitude sickness, he offered to cure us. He gathered up some herbs and brought them to our hotel. He had us lay down on our beds. Then he rubbed the herbs on our bodies in some places I don't care to mention.

This eleven-sided stone is famous in Cusco. It is perhaps 2 feet high, and 4 feet long. See alley picture, above. This wall was built about 800 years ago. No mortar was used. This wall has withstood many earthquakes. The stones fit so tightly together that is impossible to fit a small knife blade between them. Amazing!

This woman was selling wall hangings made from llamas wool.

Click on icon above to hear the haunting sound of Andean music.
This gentleman was playing pan pipes at one of many Cusco bar/restaurants.

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