Mixed Peru Pictures 1


This is our tour guide, Rosa. She and her husband Lucio took us to a restaurant called La Chamba. In front of me is a glass of beer made from fermented corn. It's called chicha. I also have a plate of chocla con caso, which is corn and cheese. The corn kernels were huge. The cheese was a little salty - the perfect compliment to the corn. Rosa had a cell phone, yet it was rare to find phones in a home.

Some mountains in Peru and Bolivia are so high, they have glaciers.


We never saw any tractors on this farmland. I wonder why.


This must be a Kodak moment.


Eduardo is pushing me through the market. Those aren't giant poodles in the foreground.
Those are llamas. Though related to the camel, they can only carry light to moderate loads.


The Pisac market was very colorful. Potatoes are a staple in the Peruvian diet. The Peruvians also invented freeze dried potatoes. They smashed potatoes, then let the water evaporate from the potato. This way, they were able to store potatoes over long periods of time. Potatoes were introduced to Europe from South America.