Mixed Peru Pictures 2

Pumas were very important to the Inca culture.

Our train to Puno was delayed 10 hours. While waiting, we met Anya and Doug from Germany but then living in Buenas Aires, Argentina. To the left of me, under Don's hat, is my extra cushion - don't leave home without it.


Jeff leaned out the train window to get this shot. The colors and fragrances were unbelievable.


These are the giant terraces at Ollantaytambo. The colorful specks, in the center of this picture, are people. See the picture below for some perspective.

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These terraces are indeed GIANT.


These mountains, though beautiful, made travel difficult. It is hard to imagine how the Incas quarried stones and carried them to building sites more than 600 years ago.


It is difficult to find a perfectly vertical wall in Inca buildings. They believed it was important to be off the vertical by 11 degrees.


The stonework was amazing.