Lake Titicaca

Here's Don and Jeff posing with Uro Indian women and children. Lake Titicaca is revered by the Indians who live on its shores, and the Islas del Sol and Islas de la Luna, two islands in the lake, are
the legendary sites of the Inca's creation myths. The main town in the area is Copacabana, which
has a sparkling white Moorish-style Cathedral and is host to the Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria. The Uros are world-renowned for its totora reed boats. They built their island with reeds, they eat the reeds, they use them to build their huts, they use the reeds for just about everything.


The Uros made magnificient boats.


A couple of Uros women are rowing by their island.


We took a boat from Peru, across Lake Titicaca (the world's highest navigatible lake), to Bolivia.
Here, I am sitting in the back of a small boat.

As usual, there were plenty of steps.

This boat was plain but functional.