Canary Islands Lions Club

We couldn't get a flight out when we wanted, so Helen, our travel agent, hooked us up with two of the Lions Clubs on the island. Here we are in the lower mess of the Tenacious, planning our trip ashore. That's Captain John Fisher next to me. They were great - they arranged transportation, took us to Loro Parque, took us to dinner, then for a tour of the casino district. They taught us about the local culture, foods, and, in general, were great people.


Robert drove us around in this comfortable little car. There was room for four infront.


Since I took only a few pictures, I borrowed these from the
Loro Parque web site to give you an idea of what we saw.



On the front grounds of Loro Parque. Betty on the right, me,
Laurence, and Betty's friend also in the Lion's Club.


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