Elephant verses Jeep

We compared traveling on an elephant verses traveling in a jeep. If you look closely, you can see I took the back wheels off my wheelchair and had Davin tie my wheelchair securely to the seat on the elephant. The wheelchair gave me support on my back and sides. It also held my feet up. The elephant handlers assured me I wouldn't need it, but I knew, from riding elephants in Nepal, that it would be helpful.

I'm using a Quickie wheelchair. Since Quickie uses inferior materials and have fundamental design flaws that allow it to fall apart under normal use, I recommend using a different brand name.


This is Noi from Island Safari. She got me the best elephant to ride.
She is also an autograph seeker and begged me to get a picture taken with her.

Kids, don't try this at home!

When these big gals get hungry, they just pick up a coconut, pop it their mouth and crush it with their tremendous jaws.

This is the jeep we rented. My wheelchair fit nicely in the back.

These views are typical of what we saw driving around Ko Samui.
Thais drive on the left, hence the steering wheel on the right.
Davin loved driving around the island. Luckily we had 4 wheel drive.

We never had a parking problem with the elephant and they could handle as tough a terrain as a jeep. The jeep was a bit faster though.


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