Oriental Hotel

We stayed at the Oriental Hotel on the island Ko Samui. Our room was finished (built) just hours before we arrived, otherwise we would have had no place to stay on New Years. Luckily, we had a wheelchair accessible shower - that happens to me much more in developing countries rather than in the USA.

The next 3 shots must be viewed (virtually) as one.

We had many drinks (mostly lemonade) while sitting on this deck of our hotel.
The pole right next to me is hiding the Big Budda, barely visible in the next picture.


The arrow points to Big Budda. We walked there on several occassions.

This is Big Budda of Big Budda beach fame on Ko Sumui.
It is the same one the arrow points to in the previous picture.

The hotel's restaurant had many tanks filled with different types of sealife to eat.
This particular display had aphrodisiac eel for sexual power. I didn't want to think about it though - I would have needed it if I married Jessica Alba, but she refused to sign the pre-nuptial agreement.

Say "hello" to Steve and Wendy from Australia. I was getting pretty thirsty until
Steve came by and rescued me with his Jack Daniels canteen.


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