Belen, New Mexico 1 and 2

I was the first wheelchair user that went skydiving in Belen. I jumped on two separate occasions from a 1943 World War II bomber trainer from an altitude of 15,000 feet with my instructor, Chris Salas.

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving probably isn't for you.


Skydive 3

San Marcos
(September, 1999)

For a good time, skydive San Marcos. San Marcos is a small town about 45 minutes out of Austin. They have a great skydive program for people with disabilities. This was my third skydive; the first two were in New Mexico. I did this jump with Lytle and the Southern Wheelchair Adventurers.

Lance got some good shots of Tony and I, with the plane in the background.

I jump with an instructor, using a tandem vector parachute system.

Is this fun or what?

Here's what the ground looks like from 9,500 feet. Notice the red straps
that Tony used to strap my legs to his.

This is Jennifer, one of the many status seekers who insisted on
getting their picture taken with me.

I went to a parachute-jumping class. The dropout rate was incredible.
(Milton Berle)