Sailing – UK

Sailing in the Inventure 2000 designed by Trevor – a 60 feet wheelchair accessible sailboat that uses airfoil wing propulsion system

Gene on the deck of Inventure 2000, a 60 foot yacht

Inventure 2000
Davin and I met up met up with Trevor in Plymouth, England. Trevor is a former helicopter pilot with the British Navy. He became a quadriplegic as a result of a skiing accident. An avid sailor before his accident, Trevor wanted a way to continue sailing.

Gene on the deck of Inventure 2000, a 60 foot yacht

To that end, he designed a wheelchair accessible sailboat he named the Inventure, a 60 foot yacht that uses an airfoil wing propulsion system.
We went on a few sea trials with Trevor as he tested various controls on the Inventure. The system is very complex and requires further attention. It is never easy being the first at something.

Trevor on the ship's helm
A lady on a ship's stern

That’s Trevor at the helm, his mum on the stern.

Gene and Michael in the middle of the ship looking at the ocean
Closeup of Gene's wheelchair's sealeg

That’s Michal and me amidships. My brother, Mike, built some sea-legs for me. Those gray bars that stick out keep the chair from flipping over backwards. When my sea-legs are not in use, they flip up out of the way, allowing me to lean back against the cabin.

Dave inspecting the hatch of the ship with Gene sitting on the deck
Louise holding up a cup of hot tea for Gene as he is leaning back against the ship cabin

Notice, the switch to the left of the hatch. Trevor can operate that switch to open or close the hatch. That’s Dave in the hatch, checking out the airfoils. Between sea trials, Davin and I had fun with Trevor’s crew/friends. Louise is holding up a cup of hot tea for me as I relaxed, leaning back against the Inventure cabin, watching the fireworks. There were 2 nights of fireworks competition at the Plymouth Yacht Haven/ Mount Batten boat yard.

Gene in the center, with a man to his left, and a woman to his right, on the ship deck
Gene posing with two women next to him

Davin on the left, myself, then Wendy on the right.That’s Nova on the left, myself, and Wendy on the right. Boats are babe magnets. So are puppies and little kids. One day I’ll get a boat, a puppy and a babe.

A large ship with a wheelchair lift in a body of water
Close up of the ship's bow

In these pictures, you can see the wheelchair lift on the port (that’s ‘left’ to you landlubbers) side of the ship.