Costa Rica

There are several ways to explore the jungles in Costa Rica. One way is to walk through it, but you need to be careful of poisonous snakes. Sometimes those paths will take you onto bridges as you see here.

Gene on a dangling wooden bridge in the forest

Another way I saw the jungle was via this aerial tram called Teleferico del Bosque Lluvioso in the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The President of Costa Rica was there the same day I was. At the President’s request, the tram moved slower than usual, giving us ample time to enjoy all the different levels of the jungle.

Tramp line hanging across the jungle
Teleferico del Bosque Lluvioso aerial tram
Gene on a dangling wooden bridge in the forest
A tree in a forest
Two men one with an umbrella and the other sitting in a wheelchair n front of a boat on a river

My favorite way to explore the jungle is by boat. Here is a picture of me on the Sarapiqui river. From the river I saw iguanas, toucans, and monkeys. I even saw all 3 in the same tree. I also saw parrots, vultures, an eagle and other birds. There are crocodiles in this river as well. Notice, I took my rear wheels off so I could fit on the bow of the boat. If you look closely, you can see the blue pegs, on the back bottom of my wheelchair. They hold my chair up when I take the wheels off. I had the idea for the pegs and helped design them. They were made at PROJIMO in Mexico by another wheelchair user.

Costa Rica has a lot of wildlife. This little fellow wandered into one of the many open-air restaurants that offer great food at reasonable prices.

Gene wearing a white shirt holding a bird
Gene holding a bird at a restaurant