Hong Kong

Cheung and I were roommates in college. Years later, he invited me to his wedding.

Fountain with an accessible path to the center
Wedding photo

That’s Bruce on the far left, Cheung is the groom and I am on the far right.
The three of us met 25 years ago while living in the same college dorm.
Cheung and I were roommates then. Cheung’s lovely bride is Cindy; that’s Davin in back of me.

Gene and friends prepare Cheung's car for his wedding departure
Above, we are getting Cheung’s car ready to go to the wedding.
Cheung and his wife Cindy play games at their wedding in Hong Kong
Cheung and his lovely wife Cindy play games at the wedding.

The following pictures were taken at Hong Kong Park. The park had fountains, artificial lakes, and the wedding registry.

Fountain with an accessible path to the center
Hey, this fountain is almost wheelchair accessible!
Gene sitting near a pond in Hong Kong while wearing a suit
Those things in my shirt pocket are part of the Hong Kong wedding tradition.
Beautiful park with a pond in Hong Kong
This is one of several artificial lakes in Hong Kong Park. The water is clear and shallow enough to see the fish. Note the contrast with the ultra-modern building behind me.
Gene on a ferry in Hong Kong
We are on a ferry boat crossing Aberdeen Harbor.
Dragon sculpture outside of restaurant
A dragon just outside a famous restaurant in the Harbor.
Hong Kong restaurant interior
The day after the wedding, Cheung took us to a great restaurant. You pick out your entree and this man retrieves it, gives it to the chef for cooking.
Gene on a dock in Hong Kong
I am sitting on the dock, below, students ask me questions for their class.
Gene with students, answering questions
On a previous visit to Hong Kong, we wondered the streets and found many street food vendors open for business quite late at night.
Gene on a Hong Kong street

Before going to Hong Kong for the first time, I asked my travel agent about language. She said it wouldn’t be a problem as HK was a British colony and everyone spoke English. The truth is, students learn English in school but many don’t practice it and therefore, many don’t speak it.

Gene in a Hong Kong restaurant eating soup

We finally found a restaurant where one person spoke some English. When we looked around the restaurant, we saw some interesting looking meals. When we inquired as to what they were, the waiter thought we wanted to order it. We had plenty to eat.