Although I spent time in Manila, I really enjoyed visiting the city of Bacolod on Negros.

Gene sitting in a tricycle
A tricycle in the Philippines

Forget planes, trains, and automobiles; try tricycles in the Philippines, escalators, steps, and boats in Japan. I rode the tricycle pictured below in the Philippines. It was comfortable, but difficult to get into. I don’t recommend it on crowded city streets.

Ron pouring water on Gene in a restaurant at a table with a lot of people.
That’s Ron pouring water on me at a restaurant in somewhere in Quezon Province.
Gene smiles with office personnel in a Philipino office
More fine folks that work at CBM.
A group of people sitting posing for the camera
These lovely ladies, also from CBM, showed us around town.
A woman working on a custom wheel chair
Here’s a wheelchair shop. They make their own wheelchairs as it is too expensive to import them.