Or, as Cheryl and I like to call it, the “Life is too short…” cruise.

A large cruise ship in a body of water

Cruising the Caribbean

Gene in a cruise cabin

The beds were at just the right height to facilitate transfers to and from my chair.

Cruise bathroom
The shower was wheelchair accessible and the shower nozzle also reached over the sink.
Gene rock climbing
There were plenty of shipboard activities ranging from rock climbing to soaking up sun.
Gene and a woman relaxing on the cruise deck
Here we are power napping. Notice my reclining chair.
Gene and Cheryl smile on  the cruise deck during a sunny bright day
Having fun on deck.
Cheryl and Gene dressed up for an elegant night on the cruise.
Then going to a formal dinner. We always had something to do.
Gene reclining in the Carribean
I could get used to this.
Gene in front of Sloppy restaurant
Here I am raising a glass to all my friends that have visited Sloppy Joe’s restaurant, in Key West, with me.

Life is too short to fail to toast good friends and good times.