United Kingdom

Davin and I met up met up with Trevor in Plymouth, England. We stayed in the Barbacan area (picture above). Trevor needed a few more days to work on his yacht so we headed for Bath, via Bristol. Davin is an expert driver with an excellent sense of direction, so I just sat back and…

Gene relaxing near a canal and historic buildings in the United Kingdom

AUGUST, 2000

Cathedral in Bath, England. With many people walking around
Cathedral in Bath
An ancient Roman style bath
Stonehenge in the bright daylight

Bath is a wonderful place to visit. We saw the Roman Baths (above) which date back to the 4th century A.D. The Romans built a roof over their Baths, which kept direct sunlight out. Since then, the Baths were abandoned, fell into disrepair, were again discovered and reclaimed. However, the roof was not rebuilt, exposing the Baths to sunlight, causing algae to flourish.

A castle surrounded by trees and water
This castle, complete with moat, was in Wells (I believe).

We saw many castles and cathedrals in the UK. They were all marvelous examples of great architecture.

We got to Scotland during the Fringe Festival. We were told it is the largest festival in the world.

Below, we have 1 of the 10,000 bagpipers that were trying to set a record for the most pipers playing at the same time/place. Below that, we have 1 of the many acts that played during the festival.

A bagpiper player and Gene and a friend pose for the camera
A group of people walking on a city street
A large medieval castle
Gene and a friend pose for the camera in front of a castle's large stone walls

Here we have the Tantallon castle.

A sign on Edinburgh Castle street
A large brick building with a mountain in the background

These are the Edinburgh castle in Scotland.

Windsor castle's grand entrance
Windsor castle turret
Bag pipers lines up across a field playing music

After Edinburgh, it was off to North Berwick for the Highland games. In addition to the hammer throw, kaber toss, and shot-put, they had competition for various bagpipe groups.