Category: Africa

  • South Africa

    One of Life’s lessons is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks. We were scheduled to fly from Austin, TX to Washington DC, then on to Cape Town, South Africa. However, we missed our connecting flight from Washington DC. The airline said they could get us out on the following day, same time as originally scheduled – 5:20pm. Fortunately I studied various flight options to Cape Town before I left Austin. I said, “No, this won’t work for us. Get us out on a flight to Heathrow/London then on to Cape Town. After much investigation and discussion we got them to fly us to London then on to Cape Town. Unfortunately, our luggage took a different route and we were without it for 3 days.

  • Egypt

    The last wonder of the world – the pyramids, not me.

  • Ghana

    The villagers were curious about us. When we first reached the village, our guide told the villagers that my friend Bill and I were paralyzed and needed help getting out of our canoes. They rushed to our aid. At one point, I was afraid they would swamp the canoes.