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  • Skiing in Santa Fe

    While living in Santa Fe, NM I loved skiing in the Santa Fe ski basin. I start this video showing me, on the job, as a ski lift tester. We then show some of the beautiful Santa Fe ski basin and end with a really quicker run down the mountain. Thanks to Doug and Don and all the other volunteers at the Santa Fe adaptive ski program.

  • Everest

    Team Everest, ’03 and The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD) project director Dennis Borel was at the Austin airport, along with dozens of supporters, to see the team off. Dennis said, “Today is a tribute to every team member making this journey of profound importance to raise public awareness of the potential of people with disabilities.”

  • Bungy Jumping & Bridge Swinging

    South Africa. December 2007. The seeds of my South African adventure were planted years ago when a young man named Anthony wrote me and said he found my scuba diving web pages and wanted to share something about himself. Anthony said he is a paraplegic and also likes to do scuba diving. We belonged to the fraternity of disability and …

  • Cliff Climbing

    Climbing a 13-A cliff in my wheelchair in New Mexico using a custom made harness.