My stories of adventure and finding motivation around the world! Come along to read my stories of meeting interesting folks and discovering anecdotes of life.

Gene smiling while holding a guitar with a group of musicians.
Gene smiling while holding a guitar with a group of musicians.
a digital illustration of an ice cream cone with a smiling face, angel wings and a halo


Ice Cream Angel

It was a warm, sunny, Easter Sunday in Juarez, Mexico. I sat on the plaza in front of a large church. My friends Patrick, Debbie and I wanted to attend Easter Sunday services but there were too many steps to get into this church.


Our South African Adventure

I thought I was a true adventurer until I met Anthony. He found me through my website, from half way across the world, in Cape Town, South Africa. By the time we had exchanged a few emails, I sensed that Anthony was more than a kindred spirit.

Gene bungee jumping from a bridge in South Africa over a river
snow capped mountain peeks of Mount Everest


Everest: A view from my wheelchair

When Joanna, a fellow scuba diver, alerted me that the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities was looking for ten people with disabilities to participate in an expedition to Mount Everest, I knew immediately how to respond.


Our Mexican Misadventure

I hadn’t heard any screaming because we were all asleep when it happened. There was no up or down, just round and round. Glass breaking, metal bending and all in complete darkness.

A broken down and wrecked van
A Panama flag flying on a cloudy day


Our Panama Adventure

After Jungle Gene visited friends Joni and Anthony in Cape Town, then went bungy jumping and bridge swinging from my previous South Africa story, we flew to Johannesburg, caught the City Bug Mini-bus to drive to Nespruit.


Our Cuban Adventure

My adventure started as a conversation with my friend Mark, another wheelchair user, with whom I made an expedition to Mount Everest base camp years previous. He was a seasoned traveler and the kind of guy who could always find the bright side in questionable situations.

gene and Pedro in front of a yellow car