Category: Asia

  • Thailand

    We spent some time in Bangkok and the surrounding area, but most of our time was spent on the island of Ko Samui.

  • Hong Kong

    Cheung and I were roommates in college. Years later, he invited me to his wedding.

  • Philippines

    Although I spent time in Manila, I really enjoyed visiting the city of Bacolod on Negros.

  • Japan

    Access in Japan was quite interesting. At this train station near Fukuoka, I went up and down steps using this device that had tank type rubber treads. It worked quite well, but the operator and I were both a little nervous about using it – it was a “first time” for both of us.

  • Nepal

    “Namaste!” my friend Bruce said as he greeted me at the airport in Kathmandu. Namaste is a Nepalese expression that translates to, “I salute the god within you.”