for kids:   Adventure Stories

Each story is complete with pictures and diagrams. These stories were originally written for kids of various ages but I am told adults enjoy these stories as well. These stories were written to teach children about geography, science, other cultures, and me – someone with a severe disability that loves adventure.

Gene in scuba gear with a dive buddy on either side of him in front of coral wall
Gene in scuba gear with a dive buddy on either side of him in front of coral wall.
Gene sits in front of stone wall built by the Inca

South America


Peru, by Wheelchair!? What Was I Thinking?

Peru is a South American country famous for its Inca ruins. The most famous of which is Machu Picchu. Nestled high in the Andes, it wasn’t discovered until 1911. Now it has become the object of my quest.


Scuba Diving

Urge to Submerge.

As a C-5 quadriplegic (paralyzed from the shoulders down) and outdoor enthusiast I have had ample opportunity to experiment with disability related equipment or, as it is now called, assistive technology (AT).

Gene floats upright in front of coral
Front view of large elephant.



On Safari with Jungle Gene.

After Jungle Gene visited friends Joni and Anthony in Cape Town, then went bungy jumping and bridge swinging from my previous South Africa story, we flew to Johannesburg, caught the City Bug Mini-bus to drive to Nespruit.

New Mexico

Cliff Climbing

Living on the Edge.

Our adventure began with a 2- hour road trip to from Santa Fe to Socorro, New Mexico. Our destination was Box Canyon, 6.5 miles beyond Socorro. We got off the hi-way and drove on a dirt path to get to the bottom of the canyon. Jason lifted me out of the jeep and into my wheelchair.

Gene ascending a cliff face with an assistant.
Young adults sitting on top of elephants in a river.

South Asia



Good morning Geno, Namaste! Time to wake up and see the mountain! “Namaste Tsering,” I said. Tsering made it a habit to bring me black tea at 6:15, every morning on the trail. It was customary to say, “Namaste!” Namaste is a Nepalese expression that translates to, “I salute the god within you.”



Wind Riders of the Alps

In any out- door adventure there are several variables – the weather, the equipment, and the people. I could only prepare for any eventuality in weather. The equipment they used was professionally made and used many times by these pilots so I was confident it was appropriate for my adventure. The most important variable is people.

Gene paragliding in the Swiss Alps
Gene perched on edge of a 210 foot high bridge, attached to a bungee cord, about to be pushed off.

South Africa

Bungy Jumping & Bridge Swinging

Brothers of different mothers.

The seeds of my South African adventure were planted years ago when a young man named Anthony wrote me and said he found my scuba diving web pages and wanted to share something about himself. Anthony said he is a paraplegic and also likes to do scuba diving.